The Birth of the Endless Knot Project


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Endless Knot is an symbol found in many cultures worldwide.The Tibetans were the first to recognize the sacred geometry contained within.

I have worked with this symbol since 1991 when I first learned about it during my participation in the Tibetan Resettlement Project.

The symbol penetrated my dreams and  waking life and I began to design jewelry and t-shirts to spread the message of the interconnectedness of all beings. The Endless Knot Project was born and I traveled to music festivals, events, and craft fairs promoting the message of the interconnectedness of all beings. For over twenty years I have sold, donated ,promoted and networked in an  effort to saturate the modern  consciousness with this message. The peace sign has gained popularity again and it is wonderful. The Endless knot has the potential to be as easily recognized and popular and the message is essential to the flourishing of our global community and I believe that with a deeper understanding of the symbol, then peace will follow naturally.

teeny history lesson

 After the Chinese communist forces invaded and occupied Tibet in the 1950s, provoking an uprising in 1959, thousands of Tibetans fled into exile in Nepal, India, and Bhutan, seeking religious and civil rights. In 1989, the Tibetan U.S. Resettlement Project, a nonprofit coalition of Tibetans-in-exile and American supporters, persuaded the U.S. Congress to grant one thousand visas for Tibetan exiles as part of the Immigration Act of 1990. Ithaca was one of several destinations for Tibetan immigrants using these visas.

What is the  Ithaca Tibetan Association up to now ?

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